What is Hardware and Software

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What is Hardware and Software

What is Hardware and Software

computer hardware and software Hello friends, in this article, I am going to tell you what are software and hardware, what are the differences in software hardware and what is the work of software and hardware in computer, so let’s start. (What is Hardware and Software, Types of System Software, Types of Application Software, Types of Graphics Card, Sound Card for Music Production)

Computer has 2 Parts

  • Software
  • Hardware


There is a group of software programs that are created to do a specific task in a language that the computer can understand such as KC Plus plus java .net etc.

There are two types of software

  • System Software
  • Application Software

Types of System Software

They create a platform in Software Computer that can help other Application Software to run. They provide a user friendly environment so that the user can run the system easily. This software is a program.

Those which are managed by the computer are installed in the system and manage the hardware using it. System software is also called the operating system. The work of this software is to manage the file memory hardware in the computer. Computer hardware and software

And other resources have to be provided without computer software without system software, no work can be done from the system software exam Microsoft Windows Linux Unique I and Android etc.

Types of Application Software

These are colored on the computer with the help of Software System Software. They are made to fulfill any kind of task. Computer can run easily without Application Software but without System Software.

However, the application software is important. It is also called the Productivity Program and the User Program. It helps the user to fulfill his staff.

Web browsers such as Chrome Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel My SQL Microsoft PowerPoint iTunes VLC Media Player etc.

Second Part of Computer is Hardware


Hardware is also called SW. That is the part of the hardware computer that we can see and even touch. It is the physical component of the computer and this company consists of circuit board ISC and other electronics.


To see that this is the main part of the hardware computer, you have to open the computer. This is a board called a PCB i.e. a printed circuit board. This board holds different conferences of the computer and all the components are CPU RAM hard. Disk SNPS for Graphic Card, etc. is the second exam of hardware.

Types of Graphics Card

types of graphics card: It looks like a hardware card. It is inserted into the motherboard. The graphic card is used to produce an image on the monitor. It converts the data in some way and generates signals so that your monitor easily Makes sense.

The better the graphic card is, the better the image is produced, it is very important for gamers and video editors to have a graphic card, it is placed in the motherboard and its size is like a chip, a third example of hardware.

Sound Card for Music Production

Another name for this is audio output device soundboard and audio card hardware


SMPS Hardware has the full name Switch Board Power Supply is an electronic circuit and from some hardware such as keyboard mouse scanner monitor speaker printer hard disk drive DVD drive Bagera let me get your practical revision here.

Complete information of computer hardware and software

Computer has two parts Hardware and Software Hardware are called parts that we can touch and even see as if there is a keyboard here, I can touch and see it, here it is the mouse I can even touch it

And I can see and see it here, I can see it and I can also touch it here it is the speaker and also here it is the CPU, so these are the parts that I can touch and see I am called hardware. Computer hardware and software

Now let’s talk about the software to type of software, make a connection between a System Software and an Application Software System Software Application Software and Hardware.

System software has exams such as Windows here, I have installed Windows 10 in my computer, so if I do not install Windows here, then I cannot do any work in my computer, so first I installed windows10 here is.

So windows10 is a system software. In the same way if you have a mobile phone, it will have Android or it will be iOS and Android and IOS. These are system software which are also called operating systems. Other are computer hardware and software

Application Software Application Software is created to fulfill a special task that here I have a browser, the browser is made to access the Internet, then this difference between Application Software and System Software.

That without the System Software, I cannot run the Application Software, that is, if I delete the Windows Format from my Computer, then all the applications will end here, no one will run, but the System Software. computer hardware and software

It can run without application software, such as if I delete all of Arvind from here onwards even after I have it, my system software will continue to run, then the computer’s two parts are software and hardware hardware those parts are called .

The things we can hide and see and the software are called the parts that we can only see and cannot touch and the software is also of two types which are System Software and Application Software Software.

This creates a connection between Hardware and Application Software i.e. we provide a user interface whereas those which are Application Software are created for a particular task such as Photoshop.

VLC media player has been created for editing. Browser is created for watching videos. For accessing the Internet, a special task is made.

Hello friends, in this article of today, you have come to know what are the hardware and software of the computer and how do they work. Hopefully you must have learned something new from this post.

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